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He aquí algunos sitios que pueden ser de su interés. Las descripciones no están traducidas porque dichos sitios están en inglés.

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From the site: "ActiveX Development, Controls and Forms, File and Directory, Internet Programming, Mouse and Keyboard, Windows API, Beginning Visual Basic, Database Development, Graphics and Multimedia, Miscellaneous, Using the Registry"

SpywareInfo SpywareInfo Support Forums
Do you have a question about a SpyWare? What's SpyWare? Is this EXE an Ad-Ware? How can I protect myself from them? Post your question on these forums and have your question answered.

From the site: "A Flavour of the Site
Visual Basic is a great progamming tool, and makes it easy to write most of your application. But then, what if you want to include the latest user interface components, like cool menus, flat toolbars, rebars, pager controls, icon menus, combo boxes with graphics, drop down tool windows or flat, mouse-over highlighting combo boxes? How do you check all the registry settings or put yours in the right place? And what if you want to create fast moving sprites or even a DirectX game?

And then there's the issue of fragmentation. Do you really want to have to distribute an outrageous 1038kb of OCX just to show a toolbar on your application when vbAccelerator can give you one which does more at 1/10 of the size?

This site is here to help you break through VB's limits and provide some solid source code to base modern applications around. Everything here is free and comes with full source code.

Planet Source Code
From the site: "The largest public source code database on the Internet with 5,496,361 lines of code, articles and tutorials in 10 languages,as well as 2,245 open job postings!"

Web Wiz Guide
From the site: "Web Wiz Guide covers many aspects of web site design and development and hopefully has something for everyone, from those planning to build their first web site to experienced web site developers.

Within this site you will find articles and tutorials that I have written on Web Site Design and Active Server Pages (ASP) including free ASP applications and scripts, and, as the site grows, I hope to add more material on these subjects and others.

Check out my Free Search Engine Submission Service where you can submit your web site to the most popular search engines and directories on the Internet.

This site has many articles and free applications on web development and ASP, written and maintained by Bruce Corkhill.

Symantec Security Check
Check your system for internet hazard. This Symantec's utility would scan all the hazards that your system might be running for the mere fact that it's connected to Internet. It will perform some security risk scan, such as, "Network Vulnerability Scan", "NetBIOS Availability Scan", "Active Trojan Horse Scan", "Antivirus Product Scan", "Antivirus Definition Scan", "Browser Privacy Scan"


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